You grade the candidates–ScienceDebate2008 answers

uncle_sam_sd08vote.jpgOk, so they didn’t manage to get them on a stage to debate on science and technology policy issues, even though the ScienceDebate team tried really hard. But they did get them to answer some questions.

Now, you have the chance to grade their answers. And comment on them! Go to the ScienceDebate2008 site, read the answers, and grade them.

From the ScienceDebate email today comes this great image and opportunity:

From the New York Times to the LA Times and around the world Obama’s and McCain’s answers to the 14 top science questions are getting great coverage, but one question remains: Who’s better for U.S. science? We want your vote!

Here’s your chance to grade McCain and Obama on their answers – and tell the world why!

Log on to to grade them A – F on their answers, and comment on why they deserve that grade.

Who will be the best president for America in a science-dominated world?

Weigh in with your vote now!-The Team at

Congrats to the ScienceDebate2008 team for pulling this important information together and getting it out there. It is nice to see some substance in this campaign, and not just cosmetics….