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Ok, I know they aren’t the most sexy graphics in biology–yes, you 3D protein structure geeks have that down. They are a pretty straight-forward representation of the numbers of items in a group and the overlap. But I have always found them really quickly helpful as I’m trying to assess results of lists of things I may have been working on.

So conveniently enough I just got a notice of a new Venn tool today–and it’s a Cytoscape plug-in. That’s a sample of one of the components of it on the right.  And I just happen to be working on the update for our Cytoscape tutorial this week (subscription), so I’ll be able to add it to our tutorial.  Anyway, here’s the notice as it came across the Cystoscape-announce mailing list:

Cytoscape plugin for venn diagrams, version 0.2 has been released.

The plugin provides a diagram view and a details view for comparing two to four Cytoscape groups at a time.

Project web site http://www.dishevelled.org/venn-cytoscape-plugin

Downloads http://sourceforge.net/projects/dishevelled/files/venn-cytoscape-plugin

Screencast http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtoW0nVwOV4

This plugin is for Cytoscape version 2.7.0 only, an incompatible change was made in Cytoscape version 2.8.0-beta that hasn’t been resolved or worked around yet.


And they even offer a screencast on it. Check out the interactive capacity of that–a segment of your Venn gets highlighted back on your network/pathway window. How nifty. Made my morning!

Are there other Venn tools out there that people use and like?

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