10x life?

Organism Lives 10 Times as Long After Genetic Tinkering

Longo and his team previously found two genes — RAS2 and SCH9 — related to growth and development of cancer that are similar in humans and yeast. They are so alike, in fact, that Longo said, “you can put the human gene in yeast and it works.”

So there are some antique yeasts out there. Really antique. And the researcher is Dr. Longo? How very fitting.

I’m intrigued about the mutations in the Ecuadoran population related to these genes. Looking forward to seeing this paper when it comes out in PLoS Genetics. We have been thinking about highly-conserved genes here lately and may “brew” a project on that, to show how various tools could be used to approach our questions.

In a totally unrelated exercise, I decided to see what life might have been like 10 x 72 years ago. This would be 1288. According to Wikipedia:

The Scots Parliament creates a law allowing women to propose marriage to men during leap years; men who refuse such proposals are required to pay a fine to the spurned bride-to-be.

It is a leap year, folks. I might be able to cash in on this….