I won! I won!

What a nice way to start my Monday. I was just notified that I won the “commenting” contest over at Biofortified.  Well, that’s nifty. And that bag will make for some fun conversations at the farmer’s markets in Cambridge and Somerville. Or I may get beat up behind the stalls. Snorf.

Recently I have also become the highest-ranked female commenter at BioStar (well, that I can tell based on gender-identifiable identities).  Honestly, though, I think that’s odd. I’ve seen other women qualified to be in this conversation. Where are they? Is it like the issue of science blogging by gender that arose recently with the ResearchBlogging data?  Are forum discussions the same way–or maybe even less balanced?

Frankly (no pun on Frank N. Foode intended)–I think you have to be part of the social media conversations in science today. And we need many voices in this–many diverse voices. Another example of this was when Trey took on that silly article by Oliver James.  The perfect counter to James’ case was the right-wing take on gay genes–and Trey has long been sensitive to that issue and writing on that battle.

Anyway–this is an invitation to join the conversation. Bring your goods to the global discussions. I want to talk with you. And you can win stuff :)