1000 Genomes tutorial at ASHG

If you are attending the upcoming ASHG meeting (as we are–come by our booth and say hello), and you are interested in using the 1000 Genomes Project data that we talked about recently in a tip of the week–there’s a tutorial available with several presenters that looks really helpful.  Hat tip to Daniel MacArthur for the tweet:

Attending #ASHG2010 and interested in using data from the 1000 Genomes Project? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/9X29xC

I’ve signed up, I also mentioned it in the recent BioStar discussion on 1000 Genomes. If you are in the room look for us. I look a lot like my BioStar avatar actually, but somewhat less yellow….Trey’s avatar photo looks like a mug shot to me.  He looks significantly more yellow in real life.

EDIT: Trey wanted me to remind folks of our workshop as well. Still time to sign up. Workshop: World Tour of Genome Browsers and Galaxy of Analysis Tools

3 thoughts on “1000 Genomes tutorial at ASHG

  1. Trey

    Yeah, the location at the top gives that away ;-)

    But in this day and age, perhaps a ‘this is not a webinar’ might help. You might want to cancel your registration so someone who wants to can go.

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