Doggie DNA: not just for paternity anymore

I like pets–really, I do. But I have never really understood breeding and pedigrees and perfect, prize-winning pets as a goal for some people. I prefer mutts and random kitties. However, I am aware that pet breeding is big business, and some people really are into that. We’ve even talked about it here before.

But today I noticed a new twist in doggie DNA testing: a city in Israel is testing dog droppings for DNA to identify the dog, and find the owner and chastise them for not cleaning up after said dog. Mouth swabs obtain reference samples. And later analysis of offending deposits on the street will be tracked to the pet and the owner can be fined.

They say the database can also be used for research and stray identification.

Eek. Is there a doggie GATTACA? DNA for punishment. We’re there.