Tool you might not know: F-SNP

We go through the thousands of resources and databases available online in our search to do tutorials we found many that are great resources but for one or more reasons we don’t or can’t do a tutorial for. Yet they are great resources. So, we occasionally do “Tip of the Week” on some, but even those are not enough to at least touch on all the great resources out there, so occasionally I we are going to give a quick “shout out” to some of these resources occasionally.

So today it’s F-SNP.

F-SNP is a “collection of functional SNPs, specifically prioritized for disease association studies.”

F-SNP integrates information from 16 different databases and analysis sites such as PolyPhen, UCSC Genome Browser tracks, dbSNP, OMIM and others to provide a collection of functional SNPs that have potential effect on human disease and pathology.

Search is simple and can be done by SNP ID, gene name or disease. The database contains information about the SNPs integrated from the databases and links to them.

It’s a nice site to check out to get started.