You want fries with that?

potato1.jpgWe used to joke in grad school about appropriate phrases to practice for the upcoming job interviews. I imagine they are still doing that….And my well-known love for any potato product earned me a potato cookbook as a graduation present from Trey. (I still have it and actually use it a lot–the herb potato fritters recipe is my favorite. Author is Bodo Schieren)

But I had to smile when I saw the announcements for the potato genome project all over the place. This is an organism that changed my family’s history (we are ancestrally Irish). I can’t wait to look around the potato genome and see what’s in there. And I would love to personally develop training on the potato genome database when it arrives!

I hope like Gramene they’ll have a section in their database for recipes :)

fritters.JPG As per APD request.

2 thoughts on “You want fries with that?

  1. Mary

    Enjoy! Click the image for a larger size. If that doesn’t work, let me know.

    Man, now that I’m looking through this book again I want to make at least 5 other things too….

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