Like shooting catfish genomes in a barrel

You know, when the catfish genome is complete, that will be a cool addition to our “Yet another Genome” posts (which I should make a regular series or some update somewhere).  Till the genome is complete, you can view and analyze catfish genomic data at cBARBEL, reported in this weeks NAR advance access: Catfish Breeder And Researcher Bioinformatics Entry Location. Among other tools and schema, they use GBrowse (we do have a free tutorial ;) to compare the data to the Zebrafish genome.

Mark this database (as with many others) as one whose acronyms were created to fit the name. Barbels are the whiskers on a catfish and cBARBEL stands for “Catfish Breeder and Researcher Bioinformatic Entry Location.” See, I was thinking more along the lines of “Catfish Breeder And Researcher Research Entry Location” or Catfish Barrel, but that is too culturally obscure and specific isn’t it? cBARBEL is good :D.

All kidding aside, it’s a great start to another agriculturally important model organism database.