Tip of the Week: Gene Expression Data by Condition at ArrayExpress

AE Atlas TipIn today’s tip, I want to show you how to use a great looking beta tool that I just found at EBI’s ArrayExpress Gene Expression repository (AE). The tool’s name is the ArrayExpress Atlas. You may have retrieved expression data from the ArrayExpress Warehouse, which is a carefully curated collection of expression data. The Warehouse is a wonderful resource, and a great way to obtain expression data sets, but the information retrieved is organized by gene name and sample values. The ArrayExpress Atlas appears to be the next generation of the Warehouse and it provides gene expression data as a table, with genes corresponding to rows and experimental conditions corresponding to columns. The tool is easy to use, provides easy to interpret results, and looks like its capabilities are growing fast. Check out this tip, check out the Atlas blog spot, check out the tool, and send any feedback for improving the tool to AE.