New and Updated Online Tutorials for PhenomicDB, dbSNP and HapMap

Comprehensive tutorials on the PhenomicDB, dbSNP and HapMap databases enable researchers to quickly and effectively use these invaluable variation resources. Seattle, WA September 2, 2008 — OpenHelix today announced the availability of a new tutorial suite on PhenomicDB, an excellent public resource for the analysis of phenotypes. Additionally, OpenHelix has updated their dbSNP and HapMap tutorials, resources for the analysis of SNP variation. PhenomicDB is a resource of cross-species analysis of phenotypes containing tremendous data on phenotypes, genotypes, and orthologs from numerous model organisms. dbSNP and Hapmap are highly used variation resources; dbSNP is a large and valuable NCBI database that serves both as a repository for genomic variation data and as a computational analysis resource, HapMap is a database and analysis resource of human variation. Together these three tutorials give the researcher an excellent start on understanding the variation and phenotype data and analysis available to them on the internet.

The tutorial suites, the found in the OpenHelix Tutorial Catalog, and available for single purchase or through a low-priced yearly subscription to all OpenHelix tutorials, contain a narrated, self-run, online tutorial, slides with full script, handouts and exercises. With the tutorials, researchers can quickly learn to effectively and efficiently use these resources. These tutorials will teach users:

* to perform genotype and phenotype searches
* to find gene orthologs and their associated phenotypes in other species
* to search via numerous parameters to optimize results

* how to query the database by SNP attributes, submitter and other information
* where to find detailed information about individual variations
* how to complete advanced searches of the database

* to search for variation by keyword or by sequence
* to obtain haplotype, linkage disequilibrium and other types of variation data
* to download specific and targeted data
To find out more about these and other tutorial suites visit OpenHelix or visit the OpenHelix Blog for up-to-date information on genomics.

About OpenHelix
OpenHelix, LLC, provides the genomics knowledge you need when you need it. OpenHelix currently provides online self-run tutorials and on-site training for institutions and companies on the most powerful and popular free, web based, publicly accessible bioinformatics resources. In addition, OpenHelix is contracted by resource providers to provide comprehensive, long-term training and outreach programs.