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The field that comprises “bioinformatics” is really huge. Some people think it is mostly about sequence analysis. But I have been charged with everything from image analysis (for microscopy) to animal colony management software (for mouse breeding) in my career–and everything in between.

Today I wanted to mention that the search for colony management software arises every few months or so on the mailing lists that I’m on. RGD (Rat Genome Database) has collected a list of tools for this purpose, which you can find here:

Most are commercial, MGI’s is freely available. It will really depend on what you need to do (and your budget, of course).

RGD’s list:

Big Bench Software
CircuSoft’s gMouse
Colony Management Software at MGI
Colony Management Software at BRM [Mary: seems a service, not a program...]
Locus Technology
Topaz Technologies’ Scion
Transgenic Software’s Villager

They have other useful information over there that includes physical aspects of animal breeding, not just electronic needs. Check it out if you find yourself in need of guidance on this topic.

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  2. Amy

    You’ve missed the most popular animal information system that is mLIMS ( mLIMS is a web-based mouse/rat colony information and research data management system. mLIMS provides a ready-to-use and long-term solution for tracking animal-related information without being affected by personnel changes or laboratory relocation.

    mLIMS comes with real-time summaries, daily reminders, and powerful data plotting tools. It helps individual researchers as well as the entire laboratory record and share information accurately, save cost and improve efficiency dramatically.

  3. John Duperon

    It seems you missed our software PyRAT:

    PyRAT is web based, so one can use it just as one does Google or your own intranet site. The software includes

    * IACUC Protocol management
    * Work request management
    * Detailed history tracking of the animals including pedigree information, cage movements, breeding information, transgenic information, etc.
    * Cage card printing (we can make custom cards for you, ask when you purchase)
    * Billing reports
    * Etc.

    If you are interested, feel free to contact our Product Manager Geraldine:


    She can give you a access to an online demo if you would like or your own private instance to try for a while.

    Check it out!


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