Are you ready to create a workflow?

Yesterday I attended the final session of the ICSB conference that I could fit into my schedule: a session on web services in systems biology. (I would link to the description but the ICSB server is down while I write this…) There were several tools covered that I will address later (including one of our old favorites: Reactome. And Esther Schmidt showed me a trick to accomplish some teeny little thing that was making me crazy….Yea Esther!). But I wanted to get you thinking about using tools in workflow pipelines. This is not just for giant sequencing projects anymore!

Although there are a variety of tools that can let the average user in on this handy strategy, yesterday we heard specifically about the Taverna project. Taverna will let you pull re-usable modules of analysis tools into a series of actions that you can perform on your lists, or favorite sequences, or genomic regions, or whole genomes…and annotate, analyze, and process. Don’t be daunted by the look of that project page. We can help you to understand what to do and how to do it. But start to think about the series of things you might be doing from website-to-website as you do your research on genes of interest. Can you imagine a way to streamline that and set up a re-usable protocol to do that? I’ll bet you can….

More later on these types of services. But I’m off to Copenhagen today and won’t be online much until next week. Enjoy your weekend! Scandinavians seem to really understand the purpose of the weekend…