Don't know pup's papa or the mutt's mama?

My nephew, my doctor and my contractor all got new pet dogs from the pound in the last couple months. All three dogs are the sweetest dogs you can imagine, but the owners have no idea what mix of breeds they are. They can only guess.

Well, actually, they could have a DNA test done.

This article, Who’s your doggie’s daddy? Try DNA testing, shows three such services: Wisdom Panel, which will test for 130 breeds, DoggieDNAPrint, which for only $100 will test the lineage to four ancestral breeds or Metamorphix, which can test for 38 breeds.

You know that the personal genomics era is upon us when not only can you do your genealogy using DNA testing, you can do you pets’ as well. I’ve been doing a lot of looking at ‘personal genomics’ these last few weeks, I’ll have a bit more serious post on that next week.

Of course, if you wanted to do some of your own dog genomics research there are a lot of resources out there: UCSC Dog Genome Browser, Ensembl Dog Genome Browser, NCBI  Dog Genome Resources, Information from the Broad Institute Dog Genome Sequencing Project and the NHGRI Dog Genome Projectamong others.

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