Genome-wide Association studies in Ensembl and UCSC Genome Browser

ensemblGWASAs genome-wide association studies (GWAS) become much more widespread and useful, the genome browsers are finding ways to incorporate these data and to allow you to view the published data or your own.

The UCSC team has already developed a useful interface in their “Genome Graphs” tool which allows you to view and compare disease studies (9 diseases so far), browse regions in the genome browser, sort genes and more. It also allows you to import your own GWAS data.

The Ensembl blog has just announced that Ensembl too has now incorporated genome-wide association studies into their database (7 so far). You can access these in the DAS Sources menu  in the ContigView (in detailed view section as shown here, click to enlarge) and CytoView pages. These are listed as “WTCCC” and then disease initials (BD, CAD, CD, HT, RA, T1D, T2D) in the menu. I don’t yet see a way to easily upload and view your own data, but I’ll double check as I play around with it.

I see a blog post and  tip-of-the-week comparing these two in more detail coming! For now, just letting you know they are there.

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