But when can I have the Turducken metagenome?

Actually, it’s not even any harder to do the Turbaconducken*. That’s what I really want.

For anyone who reads this blog that hasn’t seen it, the turkey sequence is published now.  And since we have Sus scrofa, and we have Gallus gallus, we only need the duck genome to finish up this “assembly” that I’d like to see. In fact, let me edit a piece of their abstract:

This integrated approach may be a model for providing both gene and chromosome level assemblies of other species with agricultural, ecological, and evolutionary, and culinary interest.

Is there a duck genome project out there? Does anyone know? I checked GOLD (which now lists 1364 complete published genomes and 8225 underway or done). I can’t find much detail, just this sparse record for a project supposedly running in China.  Alas.

In the paper they compare the sequence to zebra finch. Bah. Puny little thing. Wouldn’t duck have been better?


*For the non-adventurous who don’t want to click that link, Turbaconducken is “That’s right — a chicken stuffed in duck stuffed in a turkey, all wrapped in bacon. Otherwise known as a bacon-wrapped turducken.” They have photos of this assembly + creation over there. NSFV (not safe for vegetarians).

3 thoughts on “But when can I have the Turducken metagenome?

  1. K Reed

    Duck genome has been sequenced! The group is working on the manuscript for publication. You shouldn’t have to wait long!

  2. K Fischer

    A BLAST/BLAT searchable sequence has been deposited on PreENSEMBL. Congrats to Beijing Genomics Institute for their accomplishment.

  3. Mary Post author

    Yay to the Ks! Thanks for thinking of me :) I’m going to go have a look.

    Turducken for Thanksgiving anyone? We can talk about the genome over dinner….

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