Race and Genetics: The Future of Personalized Medicine

From Kaisernetwork.org, this web seminar on Wednesday 8/20 1ET (tomorrow):

View a live webcast of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s series, Today’s Topics In Health Disparities, which will discuss the potential of race-based medical solutions for improving healthcare and reducing racial/ethnic health disparities. The webcast will take a closer look at efforts to study the interaction between race, genetics and health.

Panelists will discuss the efforts underway to develop medications to treat diseases that disproportionately affect certain racial and ethnic groups, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using genetic markers for race in medical decisions. Other topics covered include which genetic factors are being used to personalize medicine and what pharmaceutical companies are doing to target the drugs and treatments they offer to certain groups.

Details about the technology and setup are here: Today’s Topics In Health Disparities – Race and Genetics: The Future of Personalized Medicine

I’m not sure how research-oriented it will be. But if you are interested in the future directions of personal genomics this is an area that might be worth learning more about. A new focus at NIH includes the NICGHD, that we talked about here.