Tip of the week: list of genes–>pathways

reactome_skypainter.jpgIn this week’s tip I wanted to talk about a tool that offers a handy way to visualize the items in a list of genes that you might have on pathway diagrams. Reactome offers a tool called SkyPainter that allows you to enter a list of genes which is then analyzed statistically for genes in certain pathways. But then–and here’s the cool part–you also get a diagram of the pathways with the over-represented genes painted on a map of their pathway universe. See–SkyPainter. Anyway, it is a tool I have liked for years and I’ve been thinking a lot more about lists of genes and pathway representations. So I wanted to share that with you. This ~4 minute movie shows you how to access SkyPainter at Reactome and get started using it. Have fun!

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