Short Course on Systems Genetics at Jax

The Jackson Lab courses are really terrific–I took a couple of them while I was up there for my post-doc. This announcement just came over the mailing list and I thought I would pass it along. I’m thinking a lot about systems biology and the tools for it right now (more details on that later), and so I’m going to need more people generating data so I can play with the tools. And September in Maine is a nice time, btw:

Applications continue to be accepted for the Short Course on Systems Genetics being held September 23-29, 2008 at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine.

This one-week course will cover computational and experimental approaches to genetic studies that utilize the whole genome approaches. Lectures and computer workshops are designed to accommodate students with a wide variety of backgrounds. Biologists seeking to gain a deeper understanding of statistical and computational methods as well as quantitative scientists desiring exposure to biological problems are welcome. Topics to be covered include genetic mapping, gene expression microarray analysis and computational modeling of complex systems.

For more information, including the course schedule and application instructions, please visit

The tourists are mostly gone at this point, and the town is still running. Good time to visit Bah Hahbah. :)