FYI – New version of GeneMANIA is now available

I recently got an email the the new release of GeneMANIA has gone public. You can read the announcement here, or see all of GeneMANIA’s past announcements here. You may remember our recent post announcing our new GeneMANIA tutorial, which is currently sponsored and free.

According to GeneMANIA’s developers at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research at the University of Toronto:

“GeneMANIA helps you predict the function of your favourite genes and gene sets.”

I’ve posted tips on how older versions of GeneMANIA worked, and recently I’ve had access to GeneMANIA’s development site. I watched the great changes and updates as they occurred, occasionally chimed in with ‘user feedback’, and MOST IMPORTANTLY got to develop our tutorial on the new version! So what you see at GeneMANIA is what we explain in our tutorial. They also recently published an article in the web server issue of Nucleic Acids Research that you might want to check out. Please check all these resources out for your gene relationship and functional research needs.