Friday Fun: Nobel Prize Winning Web Games

Pavlov’s Dog ImageNobel Winning GamesOK by now, if you have a ‘summer kid’ at home, boredom is likely to be setting in. They’ve done ‘everything’ and ‘nothing’ is left. If that sounds familiar, try pointing  your teenage electronics junkie to the educational games at the Nobel Foundation’s web site. Pavlov’s dog actually elicited out-loud laughing from my ‘bored one’. DNA – The Double Helix rated an ‘ok’ & none were ‘totally useless’.

Disclaimer is that the nut doesn’t fall from the tree in this house & my kid thinks science is ‘better than some stuff’. (truth be known, I spent a bit of time with the double helix one myself – not quite Ms. PacMan, but hey, what did she ever teach us?)