OpenHelix and UCSC authors publish introduction to the use of the UCSC Genome Browser

Mary Mangan and other OpenHelix authors, along with Donna Karolchik of UCSC,  have published an introduction to the vast amount of information available from the UCSC Genome Browser in the journal, Biotechnology Annual Review. In the review entitled UCSC Genome Browser: Deep support for molecular biomedical research” the authors describe the diverse types of annotated sequence data, the “complex database queries [that] are also easily achieved with the Table Browser interface” and many of the associated tools available at the site. As the authors state,

The volume and complexity of genomic sequence data, and the additional experimental data required for annotation of the genomic context, pose a major challenge for display and access for biomedical researchers. Genome browsers organize this data and make it available in various ways to extract useful information to advance research projects.

The UCSC Genome Browser is one such excellent genome browser and this review is a step toward helping users find and use the great amount of data available to them at this UCSC resource.

MANGAN, M., WILLIAMS, J., LATHE, S., KAROLCHIK, D., LATHEIII, W. (2008). UCSC Genome Browser: Deep support for molecular biomedical research. Biotechnology Annual Review, 14, 63-108. DOI: 10.1016/S1387-2656(08)00003-3

Addtionally, to find out more about the UCSC Genome Browser, users can freely access the online tutorials, exercises, slides, Quick Reference Cards and other training materials created by OpenHelix scientists and sponsored by UCSC at UCSC Genome Browser tutorial landing page. To find additional free and sponsored tutorial suites, visit  OpenHelix Sponsored Tutorials. Dozens of additional tutorials suites are also available for a subscription at the OpenHelix Tutorial Catalog. Do not forget to visit the  OpenHelix Blog for up-to-date information on genomics.

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