Monday Morning Blues? Geek Pop Them Away!

Thanks to Kevin Ahern’s August WebWatch column (at BioTechniques), I can start my week of with a grin and a tune.

In the item titled ‘The Pod Squad” I learn about “Geek Pop“. Being a parent who suffered through at least one kid’s bop album, I was naturally drawn to check out Geek Pop. I first watched the geek pop bristol – video highlights. A bunch of Johny Berliner’s material had both me (a Biology geek) and my husband (a Math geek by training) laughing aloud. I think I’d like a copy of the words of some of Bert Miller & the Animal Folk songs as well as  Phatmattbaker and Oort Kuiper’s material (they sounded clever but went by too fast for my ears to pick up distinctly). My rendition of the opening lines of Arabidopsis by Karmadillo amused the young adult in our house & Peltier Cooling’s “Fourwave Mixing” is currently making my office sound more like a dance floor than, well, an office. I’m thinking I might just have to spend some of my music money over at Geek Pop – not only do they have music, they’ve also got Geek Chic t-shirts & more – enjoy! :)