Video Tip of the Week: modENCODE

modencode_logo_small.pngWe have talked about the ENCODE project before–both the successful pilot project and the current new phase of the ENCODE project that is going genome-wide, beyond the 1% coverage of the pilot project. One thing you may have noticed about the ENCODE data we talked about at the UCSC Genome Browser, though, is that it is very human-centric. But fear not–model organisms are in da house! There is actually a separate aspect of the ENCODE effort that I wanted to introduce today: modENCODE.

NHGRI has funded modENCODE researchers to take the ENCODE-style strategies and tools to some of our favorite model organisms: fly and worm–as you probably guessed from the logo. Already we are seeing data from the project, which you can access at the modENCODE project web site:

In this 4-minute tip of the week movie we’ll take a quick look at the resources available to examine the modENCODE data.

For the main modENCODE web site:

For the InterMine query tool for modENCODE data:

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