Tip of the Week: YeastMine

For this week’s tip I would like to take you over to the Saccharomyces Genome Database (SGD) & from there try out the beta release of YeastMine. YeastMine is based on the InterMine open source data warehouse system. We’ve featured other incarnations of InterMine, such as RatMine from RGD in this tip and modMine (associated with the modENCODE project) in this tip, so you’ve already seen some of its capabilities. The aspect that I want to focus on when we look at YeastMine is the interoperability of InterMine resources.

Mary noticed the beta YeastMine release notice first & mentioned it to me. When I got over to SGD, not only did I see the notice on YeastMine, but also noticed that they are now linking to GeneMANIA in some of their interaction resources. I think that’s cool because soon we will be releasing a new GeneMANIA-sponsored tutorial. I’ll head back over to SGD & maybe do a tip on that too, some other day, but for now enjoy today’s tip on how to make a gene list and then link to gene homolog information on FlyMine, the FlyBase/Drosophila version of InterMine.

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