GMOD Hackathon, evo tools, Nov 2010

Got an announcement over the weekend for this adventure in coding–sounds useful:

Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon
November 8-12, 2010
NESCent, Durham, North Carolina, USA

We are seeking participants for the GMOD Tools for Evolutionary Biology Hackathon, held November 8-12, 2010 at the US National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in Durham, NC.

This hackathon targets three critical gaps in the capabilities of the GMOD toolbox that currently limit its utility for evolutionary research:
1. Visualization of comparative genomics data
2. Visualization of phylogenetic data and trees
3. Support for population diversity and phenotype data

If you are interested in these areas and have relevant expertise, you are strongly encouraged to apply.  Relevant areas of expertise include more than just software development: if you are a GMOD power user, visualization guru, domain expert (comparative, phylogenetics, population, …), or documentation wizard, then your skills are needed!

How To Apply:
Fill out the online application form at  Applications are due August 25.

More at the link, and I got the email from the Biocurator mailing list.