Autism: regional duplications and deletions?

I was reading my local newspaper just now and spotted this intriguing information:

Boston researchers find genetic trigger for 1 percent of autism

….The discovery, reported on-line in the New England Journal of Medicine this afternoon, stems from the most extensive genome scanning for autism done so far. The scans found that in just over 1 percent of people with autism, a chunk of about 25 genes had been either duplicated or deleted, mainly in spontaneous mutations not carried by their parents….

The team was led by Mark Daly. I saw him recently at MGH giving a talk to students on genome-wide association studies. He is also responsible for developing great software, including HaploView and other tools. We have used HaploView to examine the HapMap data–you can pull data from the HapMap browser and load it right in to HaploView for a more detailed look at it.

I want to check out that paper: Association between Microdeletion and Microduplication at 16p11.2 and Autism

Fascinating information.