Tip of the Week (showcase): Firefox Biobar

biobar tipUsually, we do our own tips for the week (in fact, up till today, always) and today I was going to do one on the Firefox Biobar, an excellent Firefox addon that allows you to search and retrieve data from dozens of databases and resources at one time right on your browser bar. I just rediscovered the biobar since I’ve been using a different browser (not Firefox) for a long while and recently returned to Firefox for most of my browsing. I remember why I liked Biobar. Nice quick way to search a lot of databases from PubMed to Wormbase. Well, I was going to do a tutorial, but in my search about the BioBar, I see user Simont from Scivee already did an great tutorial on installing and using Biobar, so I’m linking to that here! Ok, so it saves me time, but why duplicate efforts? He did a fine job. Check it out.

2 thoughts on “Tip of the Week (showcase): Firefox Biobar

  1. Simon Twigger

    Hi Trey,

    I am glad you liked the tutorial and thanks for popping it on your blog. BioBar is a pretty handy tool and can make some of our usual bioinformatics tasks quite a lot easier – well worth trying out for people who spend any time searching the usual online databases.


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