A shout out or two, Bork paper and on the shoulders of giants…

Just thought I’d give a shout out… two in fact:

First, my former Postdoc advisor, Peer Bork, and lab just published an excellent paper in Science entitled “Drug Target Indentification Using Side-Effect Similarity.” It’s an excellent example of the marriage of computational genomics and experimental biology. Fascinating stuff (I’m only slightly biased, but it is). I’ll do a more in depth review later.

Second, Bora at Blog Around the Clock got together with gg of skullsinthestars and created a “The Giant’s Shouldersblog carnival. This grew out of the Classics Challenge  ( “read and research an old, classic scientific paper and write a blog post about it”) at skullinthestarts (which our own Mary had an excellent submission to if I do say so myself). It was so popular they decided to make it a monthly thing. Which is good, because now I can do the one I wanted to do before for August’s carnival. July’s carnival is here at Blog around the Clock.