Ok, really, I’m going to blog again…

Sorry for the sparseness of late. We were all  over the place doing UCSC Genome Browser (we do intro + advanced), ENCODE, and Galaxy workshops.  At NIH we also did IMG and VISTA (Man, that security at NIH is fierce….).  Trey is still on the road, in fact, doing the training in Morocco.

Ok, you couldn’t be there…but all of those trainings are available on our web site right now, except for ENCODE. The same material we do in the online materials is what we do in workshops. The only one of those that requires subscription is IMG. And you won’t find ENCODE as a stand-alone tutorial yet–but that’s coming. We now have sent the script to the studio and we’ll be assembling that soon.

I do want to mention one thing that we think is interesting, and we see in almost every training we do. Nearly every time, more than half of the attendees at our trainings are female. Based on what you read about women falling out of the pipeline in science, you’d think there would be no way we’d even get 50%. But generally it is more than half women in these trainings. (We have the data if anyone can think of a way we can use that to get a grant :) )

Our current theory is that women are more likely to admit they could use the training (something like asking for directions…you know…?).  Or do men prefer documentation? We don’t know. What’s your theory?

3 thoughts on “Ok, really, I’m going to blog again…

  1. Ana

    aahh, nice gsgs. So we go to courses to see our friends, not to learn….Maybe we just prefer to follow a course because then we won’t miss anything essential. Or maybe everybody tell us we are not good in science, so we feel we need lessons.

    Or maybe we are just different…;)

    Social interaction is always a plus (specially for women, agreed), but It is not the only reason.

  2. Mary Post author

    Yeah, Ana is right–these aren’t really social. People in our workshops work hard! And they have to follow along.

    As far was we know the invitations and announcements for the class and registration go out in a neutral way. Maybe women act on the invites earlier before the courses fill up? Maybe they notice the invites. Maybe they have more drive to learn the tools better. We really don’t know.

    But I always think it’s cool, because I know they are going to be more efficient at the tools than people who didn’t attend. It’s going to help their research.

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