Friday SNPets

Welcome to our Friday feature link dump: SNPpets. During the week we come across a lot of links and reads that we think are interesting, but don’t make it to a blog post. Here they are for your enjoyment…

  • Heard it on NPR: A Neuroscientist Uncovers A Dark Secret [Jennifer]
  • Not quite Biology, but still pretty darn cool: Origami that folds itself from Nature News [Jennifer]
  • A lot of articles on the 10th anniversary of the draft human genome sequence, including: Nature News and BioTechniques. [Jennifer]
  • NCBI’s Protein database has undergone a significant update – think on the order of PubMed’s latest overhaul. We’re working to update our tutorial now, but you might want to check them out – I hear the update has added some nice features! Hat tip to Cyndy [Jennifer]

3 thoughts on “Friday SNPets

  1. Kevin Karplus

    Could you give us some hints or a pointer to a list of what is new? I don’t need a tutorial, I just want something more than “there’s something new here; try to guess what it is and whether it is useful to you.”

  2. Trey

    We only just starting determining what those changes are ourselves as they aren’t all well delineated on the site. And I’m sure when we do so they will definitely be in the tutorial, and if we have the time it will make a great blog post.

    In the meantime, the function of a SNPpet is it to give you a heads up. Some of the changes are similar of those that Pubmed underwent (

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