We’ve got widgets

I’ve mentioned others’ widgets before. They can be very handy tools on websites and blogs to add content and useful interactive searches, etc.

Well, we now have our own. As many of our readers know, we have a genomics and bioinformatics search engine that helps the researcher find the database or analysis tool that best fits their need. Type in a term and you get a list of genomics resources that are queued in rank of relevancy. In addition, you are shown where in context (the resource web site, or in our tutorials or blog if there) where the term was found. Additionally, you’ll find tutorials we’ve created on nearly 100 of them, about a dozen free to the user like PDB, SGKB, UCSC Genome Browser, and another 80 or so by subscription.

Anyway, you can now put the search (which of course is publicly available) on your blog or web site using one the widgets we’ve just had created (by the same people who helped create our database search). We have three sizes and you can find them and the code for them at this page.

You’ll also see I’ve put the smaller widget on the right column here on the blog. You can put a term in there and test it out. It will open another page with the results of our search. Try it out!