Genomics resource blog roundup

Just thought I’d put down some things I’ve been reading for your enjoyment, edification or to pass the time.

Mike The Mad Biologist has a good overview of an interesting tool for analyzing 16S rRNA sequence data: STAP (described in a PLoS One paper here).

Omics! Omics! has a good technical review of a Wired article on “DIY Genomics” and all that is wrong with it.

Fungal Genomes Blog (yes, there is one!) blogs about the Oompa Loompa genome that is sure to come soon (now that the sequencing of the Theobroma cacao genome has been announced by Mars candy company (and others). I followed that link to two fungal wikis which somewhat goes to explain my reticence concerning wikis.

And A Blog Around the Clock reports on the Gene Wiki and another interesting paper just published in PLoS about the HealthMap project.

Lastly, want to battle it out with your colleague on who is the best? Try the Pubmedfight to see who has the most publications. Be careful though, middle initials can change the numbers :) and it didn’t seem to report everything (missed a huge majority of my publications). The fight is rigged I tell you! (hattip to ScienceRoll)