Tip of the Week: PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase

Last January I did a tip that featured the monthly Structural Genomics Update, which is essentially a newsletter and article collection from PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (SGKB). However, the update is just one aspect of what SGKB offers. In today’s tip I want to feature the wonderfully efficient ways that Structural Genomics Knowledgebase provides you with to learn about the proteins that you are interested in. What I tried to stress in this tip is the different emphasis that Structural Genomics has compared to the RCSB PDB. The RCSB PDB is a GREAT resource, which we also have free tutorial on, but it was created by and for structural biologists. Its displays feature angstroms, angles, conformers and more.

Me, I’m a Molecular Biologist by training & I think about proteins in terms of genomes, pathways, medical relevance, molecular functions, and the like. The SGKB thinks like me, and even organizes information and links into those sorts of categories. I really like how it presents protein information to me, and in the process how it eases me into thinking about the more ‘hard core’ structural details that I see in PDB. The tip is just a teaser taste of the SGKB – if I peak your interest, please do check out OpenHelix’s full, free introductory tutorial on the PSI-SGKB (sponsored by PSI SGKB) as well as the site itself. You never know, you might just learn to love a crystal! :^)