Dumbest conclusion drawn from the HGP yet.

For this award, I nominate this tidbit:

My nomination for the most significant economic event of the past decade:  The failure of the Human Genome Project to  thus far deliver medically significant results.

Um, what?  Is this a joke?

Shorter: You genomics morans have failed to cure Alzheimer’s so far.  You’ve had the genome for a while–what’s the matter with you people?  You have trashed the economy because of this.

I’m sorry:  if you based your expectations on what you were told by biotech executives and academics with a foot in those companies, you need better filters.  But it does explain how everyone fell for credit default swaps too, I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Dumbest conclusion drawn from the HGP yet.

  1. Shaun

    Awesome exchange in the comments (I presume it’s the same Mary)! Now if you could please write letters to Nick Wade and Andrew Pollack at the NY Times…

  2. Mary Post author

    Heh, thanks Shaun–yeah, that’s me.

    And I presume Mike is Mike Mandel, chief economist at BusinessWeek.

    This is what the chief economist at BusinessWeek thinks is the “most significant economic event of the past decade”?? Srsly? Bigger than credit default swaps? Bigger than the housing crash? More significant than bailing out other industries? Are you kidding me?

    Edit: Oh, I forgot the war dollars too. When I was going around the country talking to scientists suffering from tight funding because we had these wars to pay for, they were kinda testy about that too.

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