UniProt's "Protein Spotlight" is a really good read!

As I was working on updating our Introductory tutorial on UniProt, I stumbled onto an article that I really enjoyed reading, just for the fun of it. It turned out to be a well written article celebrating the 50th birthday of the founder of UniProt, Amos Bairoch, and how he never intended to be the head of such an important bioinformatics resource. As I investigated, I discovered that the November article was part of their “Protein Spotlight” feature. Most articles describe a specific protein or family of proteins in a conversational format – I just happened to find a birthday celebration article on someone I had just heard speak (Amos) at the 2nd International Biocurator Meeting. (That’s a phenomenal meeting that Trey & I attended in late October, and a subject I’ll post on another time.) I’ve been reading the articles each month since then & am looking forward to reading a new January article, and continuing to catch up on past articles. All the posts I’ve seen have been authored by Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen & I really like her style. Thanks a bunch for these GREAT reads, Vivienne!

4 thoughts on “UniProt's "Protein Spotlight" is a really good read!

  1. Mary

    Oh, I like that painting, too!

    And it is interesting to me how people ended up with careers in bioinformatics. In the early days there weren’t programs and degrees, we all got here by accident.

    One day we should describe how we got here….maybe that’s another post for another day.

  2. Vivienne


    I was surfing a little on the internet and found this lovely appreciation of my work! I would love you – whoever you are – to post it onto my site. Feedback is so scarce…

    Thanks again for your encouraging words.
    Vivienne B.G.

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