Tip of the Week: Genomic Variation Tour I

Today’s tip of the week is actually the first in a series of tips I will be doing over the next couple months. The recent paper in Lancet did a clinical assessment of an individual genome. In doing so, the researchers used various genomic resources do ascertain and interpret the data. We have a free tutorial on NIEHS SNPs that walks through some of these resources, but I thought it might be useful to follow one specific nucleotide variation through a lot more genomic databases to show the user what data is available and how to access it. Each tip I do over the next couples months (not every week, I do tips every 2-3 weeks) will follow a specific SNP through the databases. In this case, rs108622 in the CYP4F2 gene (cytochrome P450, family 4). These tips aren’t for the genome jockey’s and SNP surfers among us, they are more an introductory tour of what’s out there. They will be useful for those just starting to look at genomic variations, medical practitioners, clinicians or those just curious what is available. Today’s tip will start with the UCSC Genome Browser, find the variation and follow it through to dbSNP. Next tip will look closer at the dbSNP information and then follow the trail to OMIM and GeneTests. In later tips we’ll take the variation to another 4-6 different databases and genomic variation resources from HapMap and others. In the posts themselves I’ll link to even other variation databases. There is a plethora of them.

One thought on “Tip of the Week: Genomic Variation Tour I

  1. gsgs

    I found “correlations” of the Singapore Chinese
    with the 11 Hapmap races but not the 11 to each other.
    I’m not sure yet whether/where the HapMap sequences
    are available

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