Where bollworms lead you

bollwormWell, I was reading this press item about a team of scientists from the University of Melbourne and Baylor College of Medicine who are sequencing the genome of Helicoverpa armigera aka cotton bollworm, corn earworm, tobacco budworm.. you get the picture, it’s a major agricultural pest. One thing caught my eye, they expect it to be completed in four months. These projects are getting shorter and shorter.

Anyway, I did a search on that species (which brings me to a question, why can I find it in the NCBI taxonomy browser and Wikipedia, but not the Encyclopedia of Life?) which lead me to an interesting database I’d never seen before: Pherobase, a database of pheromones. It appears to be a one-man operation (El-Sayed, AM) but extensive nonetheless. I don’t know enough about this field to review it for scientific merit (though there does seem to be a decent amount of info), but thought I’d put it out there. Amazing where internet searches can semi-randomly lead you.

One thought on “Where bollworms lead you

  1. Mary

    Interesting site. I never saw a database referred to as “family safe” before.

    From the “about” page:

    Access to The Pherobase is free, it is family-safe

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