vegbankWe do mainly genomics and molecular biology resources around here, but I thought I’d mention this database I learned about at the Special Libraries Association conference this week. The database is “VegBank” and is a repository of plot data of species numbers and types from across the US and Canada. A great resource, I am told, if you do ecological studies.

So, it’s not specifically genomics nor molecular, but it is biological and a database so it might be of use to one of our readers!

This is one of the nice benefits of attending these conferences, we get to learn a lot about resources and databases we might not have heard about otherwise. There are so many out there, no directory or google search is going to find them all. From VegBank,

VegBank is the vegetation plot database of the Ecological Society of America’s Panel on Vegetation Classification. VegBank consists of three linked databases that contain (1) the actual plot records, (2) vegetation types recognized in the U.S. National Vegetation Classification and other vegetation types submitted by users, and (3) all plant taxa recognized by ITIS/USDA as well as all other plant taxa recorded in plot records. Vegetation records, community types and plant taxa may be submitted to VegBank and may be subsequently searched, viewed, annotated, revised, interpreted, downloaded, and cited.

Add another database to you toolbelt of possible resources you might need someday.