ENCODE meeting: tons of data coming….

encode_logo.gifThis week I attended the ENCODE consortium meeting. It was the first time I have attended this specific meeting, but I knew quite a few of the folks involved already. We do support for end-user access to the ENCODE data as part of this effort with the UCSC Genome Browser folks. So it was great to see what’s going on with this consortium.

I’m not allowed to talk specifically about the data. It was like a giant lab meeting with raw data, really, and not so much like a regular conference. There were over 150 people there when both the modENCODE and human ENCODE teams were both there. But I will say this: the quantity of data that will be coming our way is ASTOUNDING. Just astounding. And this team is so eager to produce this data with high quality, and to make it available to the community, that I’m just delighted to be involved with it.

Look for some news from the consortium soon–especially about the updated data release policy (here’s the current version) that they are working on. They are going to be looking for comments from the community about the terms of access/use of the data. I’ll let you know when it becomes open for review and comment by the community.