Happy National Lab Day (tomorrow)!

Speaking of outreach, I just saw a tweet from the NSF reminding me that tomorrow is the culmination of National Lab Day!

From the press release:

The National Science Foundation has launched a Web-based resource for scientists seeking guidance on how to effectively interact with K-12 teachers as part of National Lab Day, a grassroots effort to invigorate science education.

National Lab Day is a volunteer effort designed to form local “communities of support” around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teachers and to connect them with STEM professionals who will share their expertise as well as their excitement and passion for their disciplines.

Point those teachers and kids to these resources.  Scientists–volunteer for projects.  Let’s get ‘em trained up in science. We’re gonna need ‘em. I wish I had heard about the volunteer opportunities earlier. But it looks like some of them are still ongoing, as this isn’t supposed to be limited to one specific day.  Maybe there’s something there…