Textpresso for Mouse now available

Just a quick announcement I got from the Textpresso mailing list today:


We have set up a full text search engine for mouse literature. It can be
accessed at


Any feedback is welcome. Please let us know what you think.
The Textpresso Team.

Welcome to Textpresso for Mouse! This is a pilot containing approximately 80,000 full text papers pertaining to the model organism mouse. Textpresso’s strength lies in the sentence-focused search, i.e., multiple keywords and categories are matched in the same sentence to be returned as a search result. Textpresso is enriched by categories (“bags of words”) which can be specified from a cascading menu. For example, if you want to search for sentences that mention the gene shh and a mouse tissue, type shh in the keyword box and choose ‘mouse tissue’ (via ‘mouse specific’ supercategory). The categories are subject to change. Please give us feedback if particular entries don’t make sense.
The software supports phrase searches (enclosed in double quotes) as well as searches for special characters. However, searches for super- or subscript annotations are not implemented yet. We plan to expand the corpus of papers rapidly in the next few months.

We have a tutorial on Textpresso in our catalog, by the way.