California halts personal genomics testing?

Whoa. Usually I don’t get my genetics news from Forbes, but I thought this was interesting for this field. My Bio SmartBrief email today had a link to this tidbit:

California Orders Stop To Gene Testing

California becomes the second big state to crack down on companies that offer gene tests to consumers via the Web. This week, the state health department sent cease-and-desist letters to 13 such firms, ordering them to immediately stop offering genetic tests to state residents….

23andme did not immediately return calls Friday afternoon. Navigenics confirmed it had received a letter. Navigenics Chief Executive Mari Baker said her company continues to process orders from California residents because “to the best of our knowledge, we are in compliance” with state law….

This area seems so wild-west to me at this point, I’m interested to see how this turns out. For specific information on clinical gene tests at this point I use GeneTests.

They have a whole section of laboratory listings and the tests they perform. When we developed our tutorial on GeneTests they made us aware of this great graphic about tests available today. The growth in available tests is remarkable–and it is just the beginning. Thanks to Congress for GINA, but man…I’m daunted by the possibilities, and I know what the testing can and can’t tell you.