Monday Fun: Species Names

It’s the beginning of the week and just revving up the blogging head, so I thought I’d post something fun to get started this week: Species names.

As I mentioned last week, the number of species with complete genomes is rising rapidly, but so far as I can tell, none with some obviously ‘tongue-firmly-in-cheek’ names such as:

Tabanus yuleanus ( a horsefly named after a memorable Christmas day in 1946)
Ba humbugi
(a snail from Mba Island, Fiji, perhaps in response to the above species? :D)
Colon rectum (a colonid beetle)
Agra vation (a carabid beetle, that poor scientist must have had a difficult time finding or naming this species)

Podblack’s Cat has some more (such as Draculoides bramstokeri) and this link to even more :). A tip of the hat to Greg Laden who hosted this month’s Linnaeus’ Legacy #3 blog carnival.

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