Happy DNA Day! Pwn3d!

I found out late, but 23andme was having a DNA Day sale on their tests.  Reportedly it was $99 for the kaboodle. It sounded like the $499 test, but I didn’t see it.

However…it ended at 5pm PT.

Potential customers irate according to Twitter search for 23andme.  High frequency of the words FAIL and douche.

I’m one of them.  And I didn’t even want to get this test done. But at $99, I thought I should do it, and then wrestle with the data.  Ya know, I’m rather connected in this field and I found out late.  And some people can’t do that kind of thing from work and needed time after work to do it.  Not warm and fuzzy feelings for these guys around the intertubes tonight.

Happy DNA Day, which is revoked at 5pm.  Alas.

UPDATE: 23andMe responds:

3 thoughts on “Happy DNA Day! Pwn3d!

  1. James

    Found out from a mass departmental e-mail at 3 PM Pacific time. It was the full $499 test. I didn’t see anything about a time limit listed on the website. Wonder if they were overwhelmed by the response?

  2. Mary Post author

    I wondered that too, James. And if so, there’s a price point that even reluctant and informed ME might have taken advantage of. I think that’s a little interesting.

    I’ve been watching the tweets come along, and doing some mental math on the people who said they would have bought…not that bad….

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