Anthropologists need genomics (and training)

Over at there was a nibble today that intrigued me:

  • 190,000 year old clothes had lice. 190,000 year old humans had clothes?

No, really, I was interested in the lice. I went to have a look at the story.  Turns out there is a suggestion that you could estimate the appearance of the use of clothing by evaluating the point where hair lice diverged from clothing lice.  I think that’s kind of an interesting way to look at the problem.  I don’t know if they are right, but it’s so very cool when a tool is applied to something I hadn’t known was a research topic amenable to genomics.  I know plant fibers and pollen have been looked at for ancient human food topics.  But lice–who knew?

I was also pleased to see that anthropologists are interested in genomics training.

Researchers from the American Association for Anthropological Genetics [AAAG], a 70-person organization also meeting with the AAPA, announced it is planning a series of annual educational workshops to provide instruction to anthropologists on rapidly developing genetics and genomics techniques.

Heh. Give us a call.  I think I know someone that can do a workshop for ya. We know some software you might want to have a look at….

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