PubMed citation sensor

citation sensorPubMed has added a few features to it’s search capabilities including a new Automatic Term Mapping and Citation Sensor, both help make the search a bit more powerful and simple.

I’m liking the citation sensor. If you enter a last name and year, the search will sense that it is a citation and give you the citations that match. So, if you search “lathe 2001” you’ll find 8 citations by someone with the last name of Lathe in the year 2001, 3 of them mine ;). These are listed with a yellow backround at the top of the search results. Of course you could just also type in “lathe[Author] AND 2001[Publication Date]” and get the same 8 citations, but why type in the added 27 characters when you could just type 9. Makes searching a bit nicer.