At NIH? You’ve got tutorials!

Hey folks–if you are working in the NIH system, at any of the campuses, you should now have full access to all of the OpenHelix tutorials.  NIH has taken a subscription to them, and from the NIH Library page you can get the link to OpenHelix.

Or you can go here directly:

Once you get there, you have to register once, but then have access to everything.  We think we have all the right IP addresses–but if you think you ought to have access and don’t seem to be in once you’ve registered, let us know. Movies, slides, exercises–all yours to use.

You now have access to the full set of nearly 100 tutorials. Use the search, or browse the lists or categories.

OpenHelix in the news: NIH Taps OpenHelix for ‘Omics Resource Tutorials

Our press release about that: National Institutes of Health subscribes to OpenHelix training portal

PS: we love feedback–feel free to tell us what you think, or would like to see in there, or if you have access issues.