Cerebellar Development Transcriptome Database

Announcement today from the MGI-mailing list on the CDT-DB:

Updated: Cerebellar Development Transcriptome Database (CDT-DB)

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of the updated CDT-DB version 4.2.

* CDT-DB ver4.2: www.cdtdb.brain.riken.jp

CDT-DB ver4.2 provides you with valuable information on spatiotemporal gene expression profiles during mouse cerebellar development.

You can download “User’s Guide” (provisional) by clicking “Download” tab menu.

We hope that you find the enhanced functions (including data search, data display, data analysis, ontology search, hyperlinks to various bioinformatics) and website design to be useful for your study.

We would be grateful for any feedback you have. [they offer an email address that I don’t want to offer to spammers–Mary]



Looks like a nice resource, but I haven’t had a chance to go too deep at this point.  It also links to the Allen Brain Atlas data.  If you are interested in brain development, this looks like a resource you should know about.