Friday Fun: Crossword Puzzle

crossword graphicWe’ve been playing with puzzles here the last while… amino acid spelling, sudoku, word search (and well, real science puzzles too), so I thought I’d try a bit of a crossword puzzle. Funny, I like creating them, just don’t play them very much. Hopefully that won’t show up here too much and it’s fun (for you crossword people out there). This is a “genome crossword.” The answers are species (common name, not scientific) for which the genome is complete or in progress. Some of the references might be obscure, but that’s the nature of crosswords isn’t it? Hint if you are just stumped: google and wikipedia are your friends. You can try the crossword online here, or you can download the genome crossword pdf here. I’d love to hear if you tried it and if how to improve my crossword building skills :D. I’m an amateur.

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